Q: I have no drawing experience, can I still learn to draw people?
  A : Absolutely you can!

While you may have heard that only people with natural talent can learn to draw. I am here to tell you that the saying is completely wrong.
  In fact throughout my years of teaching I can honestly say that the only thing you need to learn to draw is a passion or a desire to learn.
  If you’re a beginner artist, I can guarantee that you will take away a lot of very valuable information from this course. And if you are an advanced artist I guarantee this course will give you everything
you need to take your life drawings to the next level.
  Q: What equipment do I need to get the most out of the course?
  A: In order to get the most out of the course all you need is some paper, a charcoal pencil, a
smudger and a rubber. All of which you can easily pick all these items from your local arts and
craft or stationary shop for a couple of dollars.
  Q: What software do I need on my computer in order to view the course?
  A: This course is designed to be compliant with all computers, regardless of operating system.
There is NO special software required to run this course.
  Instead the PFD manuals will open with all PDF views, and the videos will run on all video players.
In the event that your computer is not equipped with a PDF viewer or video player there are several free versions that can be downloaded on the download page.
  Q: What format does this how to draw people course come in?
  A: “Learn To Draw People Step By Step” Home Study Course is NOT available in stores and can only be purchased in a digital format from this website.
  Q: Why is the course only available in digital format?
  A: I believe in helping as many people as possible discover the joy of drawing and take their art
to the next level.
  By distributing our course in a digital format, I am able to help people right across the world,
without having to increase my prices to cover production, distribution or postage.
  Put simply if this was a hard copy course, I would have to charge three times the price to deliver
you exactly the same information.
  Q: How is this portrait drawing course delivered?
  A: Simply click the “Add To Cart” button, which will take you to the secure Clickbank order form.
Then all you need to do is enter your Credit Card or Paypal information to complete the purchase.
  Once the purchase has been finalized you will instantly be redirected to the download page where
you can download the entire Learn To Draw People Home Study Course, as well as the entire Figure Drawing Course, and all the Exclusive Bonuses.
  In the event that you are not redirected automatically, or your computer freezes, you will have also received an email from us with complete download instructions. That way you can be 100% certain
you will receive the entire product, no matter what happens.
  Q: Is it safe to order online?
  A: Absolutely. We guarantee that your transaction is 100% secure at all times.

To achieve this we utilize Clickbank Secure Credit Card Payment Gateway ensuring that under no circumstances do we ever have access to your payment information.
  Clickbank is widely regarded as the leading online payment gateway, with security that rivals most banks.
  Clickbank regularly processes over 27,000 digital transactions a day, in over 200 different countries, making it the biggest and most dependable payment gateway worldwide.
  Q: How will the charges show up on my credit card?
  A: As mentioned above we utilize ClickBank's Credit Card Payment Gateway to ensure fast, secure transactions, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

This means that this purchase will show up on your credit card or bank statement as a charge from ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM.
  Q: Can I order if I live outside the USA?
  A: Absolutely. Because all transactions take place through Clickbank’s Secure Payment Gateway, we can accept orders from over 200 countries worldwide.
  Simply enter your credit card information and Clickbank will take care of all currency conversions ensuring that you gain immediate access to the course.
  Q: How will any updates be delivered?
  A: Anytime we come up with an update, we will simply send you an email complete with download instructions. So all you need to do is click on the link and you will immediately be able to download
the latest version of the course to your computer.
  Q: Who do I contact if I need support?
  A: If you have any questions or concerns about this product or anything you think we can assist
you with. Please don't hesitate to contact us at Support@DrawPeopleStepByStep.com
We are always here to help.
  Q: What happens if I am not 100% happy with the course?
  A: The entire “How To Draw People Step By Step” Home Study Course is backed up by our 100% No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  If for any reason what so ever you are not convinced that this is the best drawing course you have ever seen. Then all you need to do is simply send me an email and I will give you a prompt, no-question asked, 100% refund.
  But on top of that you also get to keep the entire course and all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you.
  So take action now, and start creating drawings you can be proud of.
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